Dresses made recently - Inspired by Monique L. "Waltz" gown

The same? Not quite! But who will notice right? No-one attending your wedding will be doing a side by side comparison like we do!

We shipped the magnificent gown we made (shown on right) to our very happy USA based bride yesterday. The original Monique L. "Waltz" gown provided the basis for our bride's design (shown on the left) costs USD13,630 (AUD17,800 approx). Our designer-inspired version of that style is shown on the right and cost AUD1590, which is less than 10% of the price of the original gown on the left.

Sometimes, the most expensive part of a wedding dress is the little designer label sewn on the inside of the dress. If you would like a high quality custom wedding dress or a designer-inspired wedding dress made for your wedding day, at a fraction of the price of the original gown, please email info@WeddingDressExpress.com.au for a quote and assistance.