The Added Bonus with Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Not only does a custom made replica wedding dress cost a fraction of the designer original, but yes, there's an added bonus! Because each dress is made especially for each bride, you also have the flexibility to change the neckline, choose a different colour, delete the beading, shorten the train, and change a whole host of other features about the dress to suit your own taste. Our bride decided this mass produced wedding dress she had chosen (shown on the left) was too bulky and wide for her taste, and the alterations to alter it down were going to literally going to double the price. (Half the dress and double the price... okeydokey). So, we made a custom made replica, with a slim A line skirt for less than half the price of the original (shown on the right). No cumbersome hoop required, no expensive alteration costs and one very happy customer! If you'd like a high quality custom made wedding dress, please contact us for a quote via our home page.