Where are the top designer brand wedding dresses made?

Yes, really! Most brides are very surprised when they learn that many of the leading wedding dress brands stocked at their local bridal shop are manufactured in China. So, why do these wedding dresses cost thousands, you ask? That's what we'd like to know too. And the price of the dress does not include the cost of alterations. Designer brand dresses are only available in standard sizes, so alterations are almost always required to ensure a perfect fit. And alterations can add hundreds to the original price of the dress.

Many of the custom wedding dresses we create are hand-made replicas of, or are inspired by the leading designer brands, and our dresses are created at around half the price or less. So next time you are out wedding dress shopping, check the labels and see for yourself. You could just be paying for a very expensive little label sewn on the inside. Please contact us if you'd like a quote for a custom made wedding dress.